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briana -mom of 3 product is great my 7 year old loves it, she hass carried it everywhere with her since she got it. the only bad thing is there is no volume control, other than that no complaints about it. it was a great buy.

Gramma Well, my 5 year old granddaughter thinks this product is the best thing in the whole world. A natural "rock star" who loves to sing and dance has been having a ball with her microphone since Christmas morning. Every time I talk to her she tells me about the show she and her brother are putting together. As far as quality, I asked her parents and it seems this is a winner.

Happy Mom This item is well worth the money and it's also a AM/FM radio. I bought this for my daughter and will be purchasing another one for my desk at work.

Katie This item is well worth the money and it's also a AM/FM radio. I bought this for my daughter and will be purchasing another one for my desk at work.

Me My daughter got this for her birthday and as one reviewer commented it is super cute. I love how you have a plug to add music from other devices, but I hate that there is no volume control.

It has a high volume and a low volume and no volume control for the mic whatso ever, and we live in an apartment where we can hear the neighbors babys cry. Even with tape over the bow this Karaoke machine is way too loud and more then likely will have to go back to the store. My husband told the girls they can keep it as long as they keep the sock taped over the bow but honestly that drives me crazy :(

Brandi+4 My daughter loves this and for the most part does the job intended. Only downside I have experienced is that to use the mic the cord as to be pushed in with your finger and held there. it gets frustrating for her. Then other times it works just fine. Not sure if its the product or operator error;) Your definitely getting what you pay for and no more than that. Oh and I wish the cord was a little longer. Having to HOLD Hello Kitty while dancing and singing blows the entire performance lol.

Neighbor lady I recently purchased this adorable Hello kitty karaoke for my friends daughter. It was simple to begin using. What's wonderful about it is that you can plug in your MP3 player so your kids can sing along with their music! The only thing we did not like was that there is no volume control for the microphone part. You can turn down your music playing, but not the kid! Great gift for a kid who loves to sing and be heard.

five kids & counting... Nice idea but the audio is not very clear and there are only two volume settings. My daughter had a constant problem with the microphone giving a lot of extremely loud feedback because the cord is short and the mic is almost always near the speaker.

Cute design....and seems pretty durable...but much more work than its worth.....she has more fun disconnecting the mic and just singing into it with no connection.

Gram My 7 year old granddaughter REALLY wanted this karaoke machine. We tried to buy it online, and they were out. Thankfully, we found it at Toys R Us! She loves it! In addition to singing into the mike, she "interviews" family members and has them speak into the mike. A very fun toy. It is easy to use and not complicated to set up.

Jolive I bought this karaoke machine for my 2 year old daughter who loves to sing and dance. It is very loud and can't be turned down as there is no volume button. your options for volume are loud and very loud. Also the radio get very poor reception and when the mic gets close to the radio it makes a very loud screeching sound. It looks cute but not a very good product.


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Hello Kitty Sing-a-Long Karaoke – Red…

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